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October 21, 2021

Consortium Launches New Online Water Data Platform to Transform Water Management in the Western United States as Droughts Intensify


October 21, 2021



SEPTEMBER 15, 2020

EDF, NASA, DRI and Google Announce Web Application to Transform Water Management in the Western United States

Blog posts

OpenET Blog

Upper Colorado River Commission and Bureau of Reclamation move to satellite-based ET for consistent consumptive water use measurements


Measuring water use in California’s Delta is a “fool’s errand.” OpenET will change that.


Accelerating data-driven water management in the West



OpenET: A Satellite-Based Water Data Resource


Transforming Water Management in the U.S. West with Satellite Data

Image credit: NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Conceptual Image Lab

EDF Voices

Keeping food on the table when water is scarce is a balancing act. This new app will help.



Measuring irrigated water use has been a challenge for decades. This new tool will change that.


Media Coverage

US Embassy in Brazil

NASA expands the use of freshwater tool to protect the Amazon


NASA Science

OpenET Study Helps Water Managers and Farmers Put NASA Data to Work



OpenET Launches a New API


AZ Central

How much groundwater is rural Arizona using? NASA satellites could give us a better answer

New data platform could help with more accurate water management across drought-prone states


Bloomberg BusinessWeek

Google Wants to Save the Planet With Satellite Images


GV Wire

Will This Space-Age Tool Transform Water Use in Valley?


Wine Business

NASA Launches OpenET Online to Provide Crop Water Use Data



Estimation of Evapotranspiration


Irrigation Today

New data tool transforms water management in the West with satellite data


The Nevada Independent

Nevada researchers, NASA launch online data platform to help Western water users manage limited supplies


USGS Eyes on Earth Podcast

Watching the Water Supply with OpenET


Ag Net West

OpenET Project Seeks to Transform Water Management in the West


High Plains Journal

Water management could be transformed by new web application



OpenET project expands availability of water data


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