Dr. Justin Huntington

Justin serves as the technical co-lead for the project with Forrest Melton. Justin co-leads coordination and technical support for ET software development, implementation,and testing. He leads the OpenET accuracy assessment and intercomparison study as well as efforts to obtain, provide, and communicate technical information to project partners and interested stakeholders. Dr. Huntington and his team have extensive background in satellite based ET modeling, engaging with agriculture and water end users, and developing web applications that utilize Google Earth Engine (e.g. ClimateEngine.org, Huntington et al., 2017; EEFlux, Allen et al., 2015) for global on-demand processing and visualization of satellite and climate data. Dr. Huntington is currently partnering with nine western U.S. state water resource agencies to enhance and apply ET data. (PhD and MS, Hydrology, University of Nevada, Reno; BS, Environmental Science, University of Nevada, Reno).